Philippe Lenaif
Philippe is an engineer and has worked for over thirty years as auditor, head of Human Resources and project manager in a leading worldwide company. Trained in psychoanalysis and Eriksonian hypnosis, he is a Master Practitioner in NLP.

In 1991, a slight incident while skiing turns to drama and leads to paralysis of the left leg, due to inappropriate medical treatment.
Told he was to be operated on on an emergency basis, he fled the hospital and began an initiatory quest for the rehabilitation of his health, first physical and then psychic and spiritual.

A musician, singer, initiated in the late 90's as Sacred Percussionist in the mediumistic tradition of Umbanda in Brazil, he became founder and head of a cult of Umbanda in Belgium (in constant connection with Brazil) on November 3, 2008. He is today an expert in altered states of consciousness, mediumnistic trance of embodiment and shamanic healing.

Didactic Tutor Teacher of Biodanza, founder and co-director of the Biodanza School SRT of Soignies, creator of the extension "The Heart of the Transformation", co-creator of the transformation process Process Rituael, he conducts workshops of Biodanza, Shamanism, trance and Mahorikatan sacred dance throughout the world.

He is the author of three books on shamanism published by Editions du Souffle d'Or (Naissance d’un chaman, J’ai dansé avec mon ombre, Explorations chamaniques) as well as the producor of the CDs "Tribute to the Ancestors" and "Oceans & Angels ".

Over the years, Philippe has developed a particular gift of being able to interact with the unconscious of people by touch, to quickly capture repressed contents, traumas, recurring neurotic aspects and to hear the intentions of the soul to help it free itself from the illusory conditionings of the ego.

"After years of stalking in the dark depths of my subconscious, my soul was suddenly released, my consciousness arising, bursting the last layers of illusory resistance of the ego on Monday, January 14, 2019 at 5:30 am. I'm on the other side of the planet, in an unlikely place in the middle of the water, surrounded by unexpected friends but all inspired and here to push me to give birth to Call of Souls!"   Philippe

25 years of experience, more than 15,000 hours of psychocorporal practice, shamanism and trance.

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Aline Pontailler
"While travelling here, there and everywhere to discover the world, I had many opportunities to be interested in the beliefs and cosmogonies from diverse traditions.

A "chance" meeting made me cross the path of the editions “Le Souffle d’Or”, at a time of my life when I was based on French soil. I worked more than twenty years in the correction and layout of their books.

They nourished my conscious and unconscious reflections and launched me on the great path of personal adventure.

Among their authors was a young dynamic executive who began to tell of his birth as a shaman. Something in his story touched something in me, without reason or explanation. I learned not to look for it (means try to understand). But I followed the path.

A few workshops with Philippe taught me a lot about myself. I had to digest and followed some other routes.

By "chance" again, several years later, in early 2019, I found myself on a floating raft in the middle of nowhere in the heart of the Thai jungle. And Philippe was there. Meditating a new project, transcending the theoretical boundaries of his diverse knowledge, uniting the global dimensions of the human, physical, emotional and spiritual adventure. I was ready and convinced. I offered to help.

Nothing called me to this kind of meetings a priori, except the project of my soul, incredibly stubborn despite my deafness, and the benevolence of my angels-guardians who have always protected me on the trails that cross have occupied me for a long time.

Classically trained, immersed in the whirlpool of May 68, then in my travels around the world, became a farmer, manufacturer of jams and editor of brochures, then journalist, at the same time elected municipal and locomotive of many associations, I have often worn several hats.

I am now retired on the quays of a small Greek port on a human scale where I appreciate every day still life lessons that these sacred Greeks give me! At the dawn of my seventh decade, I willingly put this luggage of all colors at the disposal of Call of Souls."

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Janick Duhem
"Trained in social work and helping relationships, I have been working as a social worker since 1992. I worked for 25 years in Psychiatry.
During all this time, I met the meanders of the human psyche, I learned to work in teams and networks

Carrying projects, I created and developed a reception and orientation service for people in situations of great precariousness and psychic suffering. Today, I turned to support people in end-of-life situations.

I also give courses to medical students on medico-social care of patients.

My desire to give meaning to my life and my ever growing interest in human relationships led me very young to various formations: Transactional Analysis, Enneagram, Kinesiology, Biodanza... I have been running a weekly group of Biodanza in Nancy since September 2016. I have also been working with a Swiss therapist since 2014 for a more enlightened awareness by accompanying people in their process of personal transformation.

I started the year 2019 with a trip to Thailand for an internship with Philippe. During this trip, I became a witness to a conspiracy of the universe for Philippe to emerge a new destiny. Some experiments on the spot bring me to touch the heart of my being. I am upset, moved, troubled. I discover a state of another dimension that fills me with joy and gratitude. I have the feeling that my soul has finally found the way to the light and Life suddenly becomes wider and full of possibilities.

In our small group, a natural momentum is created and the evidence falls: it's the beginning of Call of Souls! Convinced by the profound transformations made, I feel fully animated and carried by this project of liberation of our soul."

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Olga Kimpembe
Olga has a background in Bioengineering which has led her to work in the Water, Paper and Chemistry sectors.
She is also a graduate in Holistic Massage since 2008.

After years of wandering, 2013 marks a turning point.
Existential questions, key encounters, the desire to work on oneself based on the body, ... Everything converges and invites her to begin a psycho-spiritual odyssey. Dismissal, divorce, burn-out push further this quest for meaning.

A path of deep personal introspection will ensue thanks to a cycle of initiation for women, to the individual transformation course '' RITUAEL Process '', to many workshops and trainings from the psycho-corporal approach including Biodanza.

Along the way, she crosses spiritual initiatory ways. At the end of 2013, she was introduced to the mediumistic trance of Umbanda and quickly became a Sacred Percussionist in traditional ceremonies. In 2014, it is the discovery of Mahorikatan. She learns to meet herself with gentleness, in a peaceful interior space, in security, with simplicity and authenticity. Gradually, the words "welcoming", "faith" and "being in service" take shape and life. It is with these words in the background that she flies to Thailand in early 2019 and is present at the birth of Call of Souls.

"With this project, I feel like I'm responding to a long-standing quest that I was not really aware of. Call of souls came to appease a deep existential stress, I feel settled, present and light.

It is at the same time moving, smooth and intense, this feeling of peace and joy that has become like a metamorphosis, during this very first experience in Thailand!
For me, it is also a wonderful human encounter for a mutual accompaniment to reveal oneself and one another ... Happy to have been able to answer this call of souls! "

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Christian Massoz
Christian is a geobiologist, a dowser, a radiesthetist and a clairvoyant. He has been practicing these arts since the early 1980s.

His skills as a geobiologist are used to re-harmonize the environment and/or habitat when they have a negative impact on life as a result of energy imbalances. As for example, cases of insomnia due to disturbing magnetic fields.

His gifts as a radiesthesist enable him to help people find missing objects.

As a dowser, he is consulted for water well drilling by individuals as well as companies, livestock farms, ...

And as a clairvoyant, he helps to clarify situations, to consider other points of view for a better understanding of the problems, he offers new orientations in the search for solutions.

"When you are passionate about all these approaches, the spiritual is not far off. I have always been looking for an environment and people to help me progress in my quest. With Call of Souls, I have been seduced by the depth offered by the project in its spiritual dimension and by people of quality and trust who awaken all my enthusiasm and determination to always go further."

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Emmanuelle d'Agostin
Emmanuelle teaches history and geography in Geneva, where she guides teenagers aged 12-15 through their school curriculum. She holds a Bachelors degree in Social Sciences from the University of Geneva, and has taken courses in anthropology and ethnology at the University of Neuchatel.

She was initated into Brazilian Umbanda trance medium work at the age of 20, and currently works within the Ifa cult and follows Candomblé initiation rites, which uses trance healing and draws on forces of nature linked to the Orixas.

A mother of two children, she realized in 2010 that trance work may not be sufficient to heal emotional wounds. Guided by her friends, she met Philippe in the context of Ritual Process. Deeply interested in human psychology, the body and dance in particular, this meeting resulted almost immediately in a profound intuition and paved the way for a search for an initiative transformation.

It was in these early moments that she began to engage in the trance healing work offered by Mahorikatan and she understood how this path gathered together all the essential aspects of her life: trance, the body, dance, healing emotional wounds in a secure and peaceful environment.

"Thanks to this path, this practice and other psychocorporeal work including Biodanza, I have revisted my entire approach to teaching! The intense personal development started in 2010 has been accompanied by years of upheaval that continue to this day, with a mix of love and friendship, disappointment and profound joy, hope and disillusion – countless useful and necessary experiences that teach us to grieve and put aside things in away that allow us to move closer every day to happiness and the perception of being oneself."   Emmanuelle

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Séverine Nectoux
Séverine is an independent speech therapist, graduated from the school of speech therapy in Lyon. She works in Lausanne, Switzerland, with adult patients
Her areas of specialization - voice and swallowing - are a reflection of her love for life through the two fundamental aspects of communication and nutrition.

Contributing to rehabilitating safety and pleasure in these vital activities has given her the desire to develop accompanying skills beyond the pure speech therapist technique.

The awareness of the importance of the body and the breath, in their stresses as well as in their fluidity, led her to train herself in manual techniques such as Respiratory Coordination MDH © and Osteovox ©.
Her passion for dance since childhood, through practices evolving from classical to contemporary, through modern jazz, met her growing curiosity and interest for the development of self-knowledge, at the emotional level in Biodanza and at the spiritual level in the Afro-Brazilian mediumnistic trance

A path of coherence begins to emerge towards more unity between the messages of the body, the soul and the spirit, letting her creativity and inspiration in the matter speak by developing a spinning activity of glass beads mounted in jewelry.

A break in life in 2010 will accelerate this journey by bringing to the surface, within the framework of Rituael Process, the missing piece to this unit, the treasure still buried that has not ceased since to update: the opening of the heart!

"It is in this quest that I have benefited and contributed, from its origin, to the development of Mahorikatan, a fabulous adventure in which I live an initiatory path in the benevolence and the sharing. This development, this quest for ever more presence and welcoming one's self always allows more presence and welcome to the other, a healing of heart wounds to let one's soul dance. "   Séverine

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Myriam Demol
Myriam is a trained secretary. Divorced mother of three, dismissal, burnout and professional repositioning invite her quickly to a quest for meaning for her life.

She takes her first steps in personal development with Gestalt Therapy. Then her creative flair and attraction for painting led her to art therapy and what was for a time her vector of personal transformation becomes a privileged tool in her work of accompaniment of people in difficulties.

The passion for dance and music make her cross the road of Biodanza. After years of weekly classes, she discovers a late vocation, follows the training and becomes herself a teacher.

The attraction for the well-being of the body will make her follow other formations: Californian massages, harmonizing, tao, shiatsu, plantar reflexology, relation of help by the touch, Reiki, humanist hypnosis, Psych-K...

In 2007, Philippe invites her to an Umbanda ceremony. It's a revelation! She discovers spiritual food hitherto ignored and a sense of belonging and connection with the All. Since then she follows this initiatory path of mediumistic trance in the Afro-Brazilian tradition.

In 2010, she meets a doctor-shaman close to the Dalai Lama who opens her to meditation, Buddhist wisdom, the mysteries of the body and disease, alternative medicine. She meets Filipino and Brazilian healers as well as spiritual figures like Amma, Mother Meera and the Dalai Lama who teach her faith, compassion, peace, determination and teach her simplicity, slowness, patience, faith and absolute trust in love.

"In 2018, I discovered the Mahorikatan dance that unifies bodily sensations, openness of heart, light and stability. Lastly, the picture of my life takes shape in a great deal of absolute harmony, gentleness and calm without borders. The words are far too small to express this experience!

I believe in Call of Souls, in this project, in those people with whom I feel connected with heart and soul. They are beings who are called to open a path for the world in a sincere commitment and a total dedication to the evolution of the human being and the living in each one, in the benevolence and sharing. "

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Silvio Malburg
"I was trained in the hotel and catering trade, worked in the USA as a Maître d'hôtel and Sommelier (wine steward) in VIP restaurants such as La Crémaillère (N-Y) and Terra Ristorante in Greenwich (CT).

In the course of regular meetings with Native Americans, I discovered that a part of myself was suffering. For many years, I followed the Native American wisdom from the Cherokee Nation in a process they call "The Red Path of Awakening".
Although I was at the same time following a classic therapy, I couldn't maintain an inner consistency.

I looked for different approaches. I first discovered Reiki and then in 1995, I became familiar with Conscious Breathing (Transformational Breath ®). Graduated in 1997, I have been since then teaching the connection between breathing, body, mind and spirituality.

In 1999, I come back to Belgium and I realize that my work lacks the spiritual dimension. I then start a 2-year inner transformation on my own with which I discover all the breathing possibilities. Their aim is to relax muscular tensions to allow the individual to live from their true self rather than from their personality.
I have therefore been able to live spiritual experiences of infinite love that has welcomed me as I truly was without any judgment.

Thanks to Biodanza and then Rituael Process, I underwent deep and lasting changes which are getting me closer to accepting myself totally.

With Mahorikatan dance, I'm learning how to welcome my own essence and I understand more strenuously the quelling that my personality puts on my own fulfillment.

In 2007, my project was to love myself as I was and to live the aims that my soul had chosen for me. There were moments in my life where, in a scattered way, I could experience quite intense moments of non-physical love. It is the desire I have for this dimension that connects me to Call of Souls in which I recognized the vibrant hallmark of the Universal Love".

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