Intuitive painting invites us to remember ourselves and to discover ourselves in our own creation

As an extension of a journey in the heart of its presence, it allows to manifest and make visible our world of sensations, emotions, inner vibrations, in a connection to oneself and the whole universe.

What emerges in intuitive painting
is a set of shapes, shades, rhythms,
reflections that come straight from the
unconscious and translate
its words symbolically.

Freed from internal tensions and judgments about oneself, it is in a surge of spontaneous creativity that the work is created, made as much of the shadows as of the light of each one.

This process of meeting our inner spaces in a gentle way requires both abandonment and welcoming with kindness of our whole being at every moment. The mind no longer acts as a censor a priori but feeds on the consciousness that emerges with the lines.

"In the heart and core of the colors,
I enter the dance with my Soul"

Join the dance!

Entering the dance of colors solicits movement, gaze, smell, listening to sensations and feelings, making the experience multi-sensory.

In deep connection with all aspects of ourselves, the hands become an extension of both visible and non-visible movements of the body. With the help of the brush or fingers are born textures, atmospheres, palettes of reflections that are so many emanations of our inner mystery.

"I unplug the mind to receive the message."

Little by little, our gaze welcomes
the message of the soul, arising from the invisible,
revealing itself to oneself and to the world.

The peace of art is already there, in itself! To open oneself to this moment of creation by intuitive painting is to unite art and life in an expanding experience of consciousness.

To accompany you in this colorful adventure:
Myriam Demol

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