Orixas & 4 Elements

Immerse yourself in the Afro-Brazilian tradition and experience Nature under its various Forces and Divinities of African origin: the Orixas!

According to Yoruba mythology, Olorum (God), as Light, has fragmented by crystallizing on Earth in the material.

Thus each element of nature is a fraction of the divine with its own qualities, and the totality of the manifestations of nature as a whole represents the divine.

Studying the specific characteristics of each Orixa allows us to understand the Wisdom of Nature.

In Africa, there are several hundred of Orixas. In Brazil, they are commonly of the order of twenty, the most important ones.

These Orixas being divine representations of Nature, it is possible to classify them according to the four constituent elements of Nature, namely Fire Earth Earth Air. Four Orixas are attached to each element.

Discover all of these sixteen Orixas, understand how they organize themselves in a natural continuum through the four Elements, learn what wisdom of nature they transmit and experiment their powers in dance.

Orixas & Us

To dance the archetypal forces of the Orixas, to enter into the vibration of their essence, is to awaken us to our divine nature, to nourish our connection to the Whole, to experience the sacred in our bodies.

«By dancing the Orixas,
I reconnect with the Divine
of which I am a part.»

Live Music!

Each dance will be supported by Afro-Brazilian traditional percussions and songs that correspond to the specific vibration of each of the Orixas

You will be guided in the trance dances and accompanied by sacred percussions and songs performed by Olga Kimpembe & Philippe Lenaif.

Os Ancestrais (CD Tribute to the Ancestrais - Philippe Lenaif)

If you want to discover the
Afro-Brazilian tradition Umbanda and
participate in ceremonies called "gira"
which take place twice a month in
the Brussels region, you will find
here the necessary information.

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