As part of the workshops organized by Call of Souls, all the proposed practices support, in their approach, the inner journey to meet the Self, in coherence with the Pilea-dem philosophy which animates the whole Call of Souls project.

Each proposition is programmed as an initiatory journey to allow each one to free the path of his Soul.
Sacred dances, breathing, sounds, colors, waking dreams and more
are associated and articulated to ensure a journey inward,
in the sincerity of the heart and the truth of the Soul.

The perfect opportunity to find your way back, which can sometimes seem still cluttered despite the various workshops of personal development already experienced.

"I let myself choose a practice.
Whatever it is, it will allow
my soul to breathe."


Detail of some of the practices:

  • M A H O R I K A T A N
    Sacred heart healing dance - more info

  • O R I X A S
    Dance to meet of the Forces of Nature within - with Afro-Brazilian sacred percussion (played live) - more info

  • S I N G I N G     B O W L S
    Vibratory concerts and regressions with music - more info

  • H A N G S    &    H A N D P A N S
    Organic concerts - more info

  • I N T U I T I V E     P A I N T I N G
    Projective expression of the divine within - more info

  • C O N S C I O U S     B R E A T H I N G
    Recumbent harmonization with guided breathing - more info

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